Porsche Automuseum


The only private Porsche museum is located in the town of Gmünd, in Carinthia, Austria. For Porsche fans, it means a return to the beginning, as the first vehicles under the Porsche name were created right here, in the years 1944-1950. The exhibition contains many interesting exhibits from the first Porsche 356 to modern examples of the manufacturer, including sports specials.

Porsche Experience Center Leipzig

The Porsche Experience Center offers entertainment and education for the whole family, who have gasoline in their blood and like to spend their free time actively. Whether it is a tour of the production hall, the Porsche museum, picking up an ordered vehicle or renting a car, there are various options. For lovers of adrenaline, there are rides on the circuit, either as a driver or passenger, or off-road rides. We highly recommend it to every fan of the Porsche brand.

Classic Remise Berlin

A former wagon depot where you can find car dealers, car repair and restoration specialists, craftsmen of all professions to repair youngtimers and oldtimers. There are also dozens of automotive gems parked and maintained here. Paradise for every petrolhead!